UKAS Our UKAS Accreditation has been extended to include increased Shock and Vibration testing capabilities, plus Salt Mist testing

Vibration Testing

Mechanical vibration and shock conditions are a part of every product’s life. Transportation alone can result in mechanical damage to a product before it has even reached the end customer.

The electrodynamic vibration tables allow a wide range of sinusoidal, random and sine on random vibration. Shock and Bump tests can be applied in all three axes using either half sine, terminal peak sawtooth (TPS) or Shock Response Spectra (SRS) waveforms.

The Ling Dynamics V964 offers increased capability with a Random Force RMS of 89.0 kN.

Combined with the Vötsch VCV 7100 chamber the V875 allows the full range of vibration and shock tests to be carried out over a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions, including cyclic régimes.

Product Assessment & Reliability Centre Ltd.can adapt a selection of fixtures to enable your product to be interfaced with our facilities, thus enabling it to be tested whilst simulating its normal mounting method and orientation. If a suitable fixture is not available we are able to offer advice on appropriate designs.

A range of accelerometers and charge amplifiers allow the product response to be monitored in multiple positions. The overall package offers flexible and versatile test facilities.

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Technical Data Sheet