UKAS Our UKAS Accreditation has been extended to include increased Shock and Vibration testing capabilities, plus Salt Mist testing

Salt Spray Testing

Both metallic and non-metallic materials can suffer from degradation as a result of salt corrosion. In the case of metallic materials, the mechanism is electrochemical, whereas non-metallic materials can degrade due to chemical reactions with the salt itself.

The correct choice of material and the use of protective coatings is essential for extreme environments.

Accelerated Corrosion testing can be used to check conformal coatings on circuit boards, protective coatings of materials and surface finishes as well as material compatibilities.

Through salt spray testing we are able to provide conditions which considerably accelerate the corrosion process.  This means that results can be achieved in a short period of time.

Our facilities enable provision of steady state exposure and can combine salt spray periods with storage under damp heat conditions.


Technical Data Sheet