UKAS Our UKAS Accreditation has been extended to include increased Shock and Vibration testing capabilities, plus Salt Mist testing

Ingress Testing

Ingress Protection forms part of the process of determining the level of protection provided by equipment enclosures.  The test methods and definitions of the Ingress Protection (IP) Codes are covered under the BS EN 60529 and 60598 Standards.

The protection offered by enclosures should consist of the following:

  • Protection of persons against access to hazardous parts.
  • Protection of equipment inside the enclosures to ingress of solid foreign objects.
  • Protection of equipment in the enclosures against harmful effects due to the ingress of water.

Meeting the requirements of BS EN 60529 and 60598Standards, our water spray chamber has a rotating table and 800mm radius spray bar, sweeping over a 360º arc.

We can also provide immersion to level 8.

The dust chamber provides dustingresstesting to the dust-protected (IP5) and dust-tight (IP6) categories, by applying a turbulent talc test with reduced pressure  (where applicable).

Ingress Testing image 2

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