UKAS Our UKAS Accreditation has been extended to include increased Shock and Vibration testing capabilities, plus Salt Mist testing

HALT Testing

Highly Accelerated Life Testing is a screening technique in which relatively low numbers of stress cycles significantly outside the normal shipping, storage and operating envelope are applied to:

  • Identify areas within the design which may require modification to increase robustness.
  • Precipitate latent defects within components.
  • Reduce testing time-scales.

The use of such techniques:

  • Improves product ruggedness and hence reliability.
  • Reduces development time, and time to market.
  • Increases mean time before failure.
  • Reduces early life failures in the field.
  • Reduces warranty costs and improves customer confidence.

The Screening Systems QRS 410-T is one of the latest generation of HALT chambers capable of applying up to 28 grms of random vibration in 6 axes simultaneously, whilst cycling the temperature between -60°C and +150°C, at rates of change of up to 60°C per minute. Thus the maximum stress screening for components in the minimum time is achieved.

Product Assessment & Reliability Centre Ltd. offers two levels of support for HALT:

  • Use of the HALT facility with a basic level of support, covering operation of the chamber.
  • As above, with consultancy to assist in tailoring the HALT profile to your specific product and to guide you through the test process.

Putting your product through a HALT process before embarking on a qualification test programme helps to find and resolve weaknesses in the design of a product. This will mean both time and money can be saved during qualification.

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